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Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis cervical spine radiology. neck and low back pain

Regional syndromes-Neck and low back pain Neck pain Cervicalgia the importance of the problem Cervicalgia pain in the cervical region is very common in clinical practice.

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Woman complaint more often of neck pain and have a higher risk to develop chronic cervicalgia than men. Young people are often affected by episodes of acute neck pain, which are usually transient. She was a housewife and farm worker.

Microglia: first responders in the central nervous system B.

She went to the doctor because of pain affecting the cervical and upper thoracic region. The pain had begun insidiously when she was about 40 and had been getting progressively worse.


In the first years of the disease, the pain appeared occasionally at times of strenuous physical work. As the years went by, it became more frequent and appeared with less and less effort until it was almost constant, with flares.

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During such exacerbations, which lasted up to a week, the pain extended to the whole cervical area, and also involved the shoulders.

The pain was worse with exercise such as carrying heavy items in her arms and was relieved by rest.

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She had no pain at night except when she moved in bed. When asked, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis cervical spine radiology described occasional pain and tiredness in her arms but denied any paresthesia or weakness.

The pain was not exacerbated by Valsavas maneuver. Maria also had similar pain in the lumbar region and in her knees.

MRI in spine tumor pathology Cervical vertebrae anatomy radiology.

She had a history of peptic ulcer and arterial hypertension under control with Prestarium and Tertensif. Taking historyWhat kind of pain?

juvenile rheumatoid arthritis cervical spine radiology artrita tratamentul artrozei genunchiului

A history juvenile rheumatoid arthritis cervical spine radiology recent trauma or the appearance of pain toate bolile articulare a result of a prolonged, forced position acute cervicalgia An inflammatory rhythm - infection, inflammation or neoplasm. It is important to look for symptoms and signs of arthritis in other locations.

The systematic enquiry will try to identify signs of systemic disease Mecanical pain spondyloarthrosis Real neurogenic pain - root compressionintense, dysesthesic electric shock or pins and needles and follows a dermatome distribution Taking history The location of the pain gives an indication of its most likely point of originWhere is the pain localized?

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Regional clinical examinationObservation Accentuation or attenuation of physiological lordosis, localized kyphosis, scoliosisAtrophy of the shoulder musclesLocalized swelling PalpationNonspecific should be interpreted with cautionMuscle spasm associated with a stiffness! Pain that is clearly located over one or two spinous processes may suggest infection or neoplasm.

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Regional clinical examination Mobilization Amplitude of movement varies considerably from one person to another. Pain on palpation of different muscular points on the posterior and lateral aspects of the neckNormal power, reflexes and pain sensation.

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No muscle atrophy. What is the probable diagnose?

juvenile rheumatoid arthritis cervical spine radiology medicament pentru tratamentul durerilor articulare la genunchi

Cervicobrachial neuralgia.